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Update! EDM2014 Video v.3.0.7

April 10 2014

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On my mind 18.04.2014 - Frame Rate

Yesterday I was visiting a friend when we started to talk about video and framerate. When coming home I could not quite stop thinking about the different frame rates used in movies, computer games etc. So I found some information on Wikipedia that I thought I would share here. For the whole article you can go here. The list below is for digital video and television:

There are three main frame rate standards in the TV and digital cinema business: 24p, 25p, and 30p. However, there are many variations on these as well as newer emerging standards.

  • 24p is a progressive format and is now widely adopted by those planning on transferring a video signal to film. Film and video makers use 24p even if they are not going to transfer their productions to film, simply because of the on-screen "look" of the (low) frame rate, which matches native film. When transferred to NTSC television, the rate is effectively slowed to 23.976 FPS (24×1000÷1001 to be exact), and when transferred to PAL or SECAM it is sped up to 25 FPS. 35 mm movie cameras use a standard exposure rate of 24 FPS, though many cameras offer rates of 23.976 FPS for NTSC television and 25 FPS for PAL/SECAM. The 24 FPS rate became the de facto standard for sound motion pictures in the mid-1920s.[8] Practically all hand-drawn animation is designed to be played at 24 FPS. Actually hand-drawing 24 unique frames per second ("1's") is costly. Even in big budget films, usually hand-draw animation is done shooting on "2's" (one hand-drawn frame is shown twice, so only 12 unique frames per second)[10] and some animation is even drawn on "4's" (one hand-drawn frame is shown four times, so only six unique frames per second).
  • 25p is a progressive format and runs 25 progressive frames per second. This frame rate derives from the PAL television standard of 50i (or 50 interlaced fields per second). Film and Television companies use this rate in 50 Hz regions for direct compatibility with television field and frame rates. Conversion for 60 Hz countries is enabled by slowing down the media to 24p then converting to 60 Hz systems using pulldown. While 25p captures half the temporal resolution or motion that normal 50i PAL registers, it yields a higher vertical spatial resolution per frame. Like 24p, 25p is often used to achieve "cine"-look, albeit with virtually the same motion artifacts. It is also better suited to progressive-scan output (e.g., on LCD displays, computer monitors and projectors) because the interlacing is absent.
  • 30p is a progressive format and produces video at 30 frames per second. Progressive (noninterlaced) scanning mimics a film camera's frame-by-frame image capture. The effects of inter-frame judder are less noticeable than 24p yet retains a cinematic-like appearance. Shooting video in 30p mode gives no interlace artifacts but can introduce judder on image movement and on some camera pans. The widescreen film process Todd-AO used this frame rate in 1954–1956.[11]
  • 48p is a progressive format and is currently being trialed in the film industry. At twice the traditional rate of 24p, this frame rate attempts to reduce motion blur and flicker found in films. Director James Cameron stated his intention to film the two sequels to his film Avatar higher than 24 frames per second to add a heightened sense of reality.[12] The first film to be filmed at 48 FPS was The Hobbit, a decision made by its director Peter Jackson.[13] At a preview screening at CinemaCon, the audience's reaction was mixed after being shown some of the film's footage at 48p, with some arguing that the feel of the footage was too lifelike (thus breaking the suspension of disbelief).[14]
  • 50i is an interlaced format and is the standard video field rate per second for PAL and SECAM television.
  • 60i is an interlaced format and is the standard video field rate per second for NTSC television (e.g., in the US), whether from a broadcast signal, DVD, or home camcorder. This interlaced field rate was developed separately by Farnsworth and Zworykin in 1934,[15] and was part of the NTSC television standards mandated by the FCC in 1941. When NTSC color was introduced in 1953, the older rate of 60 fields per second was reduced by a factor of 1000/1001 to avoid interference between the chroma subcarrier and the broadcast sound carrier. (Hence the usual designation "29.97 fps" = 30 frames (60 fields)/1.001)
  • 50p/60p is a progressive format and is used in high-end HDTV systems. While it is not technically part of the ATSC or DVB broadcast standards yet, reports suggest that higher progressive frame rates will be a feature of the next-generation high-definition television broadcast standards.[16] In Europe, the EBU considers 1080p50 the next step future proof system for TV broadcasts and is encouraging broadcasters to upgrade their equipment for the future.[17]
  • 72p is a progressive format and is currently in experimental stages. Major institutions such as Snell have demonstrated 720p72 pictures as a result of earlier analogue experiments, where 768 line television at 75 FPS looked subjectively better than 1150 line 50 FPS progressive pictures with higher shutter speeds available (and a corresponding lower data rate).[18] Modern cameras such as the Red One can use this frame rate to produce slow motion replays at 24 FPS. Douglas Trumbull, who undertook experiments with different frame rates that led to the Showscan film format, found that emotional impact peaked at 72 FPS for viewers.[citation needed] 72 FPS is the maximum rate available in the WMV video file format.
  • 120p (120.00 Hz exactly) is a progressive format and is standardized for UHDTV by the ITU-R BT.2020 recommendation. It will be the single global "double-precision" frame rate for UHDTV (instead of using 100 Hz for PAL-based countries and 119.88 Hz for NTSC-based countries).
  • 300 FPS, interpolated 300 FPS along with other high frame rates, have been tested by BBC Research for use in sports broadcasts.[19] 300 FPS can be converted to both 50 and 60 FPS transmission formats without major issues.

For those of you (like me) who wonder what Judder really means I found a rather nice explanation about it here Another nice blog article explains the difference between Progressive and Interlaced video. You can read it here.

Well, thats all for now. Have a nice day!


News 15.04.2014 VIDEO QUALITY

As I have stated with the latest update of EDM2014 Video, the image quality is improved, and are better than most other players. In case you do not believe me I want to show you a few tests.

Windows Mediaplayer vs EDM2014 Video

Windows Mediaplayer vs EDM2014 Video (Click image to enlarge)

VLC vs EDM2014 Video

VLC VS EDM2014 Video (Click image to enlarge)

The above video is tested up against Microsoft Mediaplayer, VLC player and EDM2014 Video. I could have used any videofile, and this is just a random test. Actually what troubles me with this proof is that here I am, all alone in developing this video player, still it produces better quality than the whole bunch of developers at Microsoft or at VLC are able to. What the f****'k is going on? You should expect those to deliver the best possible quality, and not be beaten by a single geek in Norway. I rest my case!


News 15.04.2014

As you may have noticed there have been a few changes in the web pages the last days. I have neglected this part for way to long and need to use a few days to get it work properly. I have also hired some help from a company that will take a closer look at some of my tools to help me get them even better. A good thing is that this site is finally starting to climb in rank. Just a few weeks ago it had a rank at 2000000, now its 346000, meaning the trafic is starting to show.

I am really pleased with the last update of EDM2014 Video. The player is better than ever before, and I really think you will have problems finding a better video player anywhere. Still, there is one update to be posted in the near future. I want to add the option to select video filters and settings for those. Both predefined filters, and user selectable values to those filters. This is really a simple task to do, so it will probably be finished later today. Anyway, I will wait until I get the report back from the company testing this tool to see if they have some suggestions/corrections to the player before posting yet another update.

I have also been looking at the option to playback DVD and Blue-Ray movies with this player. But I will probably not add such functions. The EDM2014 Video is ment to be a player to playback video files on a computer, and really, who is watching their blur-ray movies on a computer screen? Well, for sure I dont, and neither is anyone i know. So why bother? I think it is more important to keep the player as lightweight and stable as possible, providing peoples the best possible way to watch a videofile without any hazzle. All in all, EDM2014 Video supports way over 20 video formats right out of the box.

Remember to tell your friends about the player, and if you do like our work, consider a little donation to support further developement. Have a nice day!


News 10.04.2014 EDM2014 Video v.3.0.7

OK, yet again there is an update of the player. I think most bugs are history now, and the video quality is better than ever before. Yesterday evening/night we did a pretty comprehensive test to test out the new video quality settings. In every video we did test the picture quality was much better. We tested over 100 videos in all kind of resolutions/formats. We did the test with the old, and new version side by side, and also tested it up against several other mediaplayers, and there is no doubt. So today I am really happy:-)

For a list of other changes see yesterdays post below. This update is a major update and should be downloaded by all users. Oh, just a reminder to all users. Please tell your friends about this player :-)

Have a nice day!


News 09.04.2014 Work update.

Hello, back to multimedia programming again. The next update of the EDM2014 Video has a few bug fixes and a major quality enhancement. The bug fixes finished so far is:

Fixed bug with crash when reopening the debug window more than once.
(I did free a bitmap on form close rather than on form destroy).
Also set the debug window to stay on top and to be movable. (As it where, it could be hiding behind main window).

Subtitle option window is changed to be more user friendly, subtitle placement is now much more adjustable, and in most cases the player adjust the subtitle size according to resolution on video. The trouble with the subtitle settings window in fullscreen mode is also gone now.

I am also happy to say that the playback quality is enhanced. This is accomplished by the use of FFMPEG Smartblur filter. As it is now, the filter is set by me, and is not adjustable, but I am working to let the users select videofilters themselves. To see the difference between the old and new version, just try to load the same movie in both versions of the player, and I think you get my point :-) You can easely start several players at once. The player will be updated tomorrow.

Have a nice day! (NB!) I do finally have a Facebook page. Visit me here.


News 08.04.2014 Computer Geek v.1.0 Released.

Computer Geek

Easy-Data Computer Geek v.1.0 is now online. This is a network and system information tool. Before downloading and use, please read the product page.


News 07.04.2014 Work update.

Hello, the last week I have been troubled with pneumonia. As a result I have not been able to do much work. The only advantage is that I have had lots of time testing the videoplayer part. And the subtitle part is really lousy when looking into it. I do normally dont use subtitles myself, so I have to admit that part has not bothered me at all. When a friend pointed out a few problems with it I started looking into it again. So, today (finally feeling a bit better) I have done quite a lot of changes regarding the subtitle settings part, and it seems most of the trouble now is history.

I will have to do some more tests before releasing an update, but there will be within this week. I am really sorry for this, but as stated many times before, I do all work myself, and it is pretty hard to get everything right at first try. That is one of the reasons every application listed is freeware.

The upcomming tool Computer Geek is also finished pretty soon. And within a couple of days a full description will be posted. The Audio player will not be released yet. I do need at least a couple of months to get it ready.

Finally I have to suggest a movie I did watch yesterday. It is absolutely the best young actor performance I have ever seen. The name of the movie is Mud. You can read about it here.

Have a nice day!


News 31.03.2014 Update EDM2014 Video v.3.0.6

This updated version has two new functions.


I have added drag/drop support for subtitle files packed with .rar or .zip. That means when downloading a subtitle file, all you have to do is to drag it over the player and release. EDM2014 Video will unpack the subtitle file, make sure it gets the same name as the movie, and save it into the movie folder. Finally the player will restart the movie with the new subtitles loaded. The default subtitle settings is also changed a bit.


EDM2014 Video - Torrent searcher

From the main popup menu you can now search for torrents on the Piratebay site. You can also see the top 100: Audio, Video or Application torrents on the site. Double clicking a search result takes you directly to the download page of the selected torrent. So there is no magic, just a nice tool to quick search and download. As far as i know EDM2014 Video is the only mediaplayer with this function.


Yes, i remember last post :-), I am still working on the audio player part, but i have also been working on another project soon to be released. A tool called "Computer Geek" It is just a few system and networking tools I need for private use, but thought I might as well release to the public. A preview wil be posted later this week.

Have a nice day!


News 24.03.2014 Work Update

OK, time to start with the next tool. This time it will be a new standalone version of EDM2014 Audio Player. This part is quite big and complex, so it will take some time to finish. As the users of EDM2013 are aware of, this tool uses wasapi and floating channels to get the best possible sound quality. This aint no Spotify! This tool is for those of you wanting the absolute best sound quality like what you get with .flac files. To get the best experience I strongly advice you to get a DAC, or at least a soundcard of high quality. Anyway, I will post updates along the developement of this tool. Probably there will also be released some tests for those of you wanting to try.

Oh, i almost forgot. There will be an update of the videoplayer real soon. I have added drag/drop support for subtitle files packed with .rar or .zip. That means when downloading a subtitle file, all you have to do is to drag it over the player and release. EDM2014 Video will unpack the subtitle file, make sure it gets the same name as the movie, and save it into the movie folder. Finally the player will restart the movie with the new subtitles loaded. The default subtitle settings is also changed a bit. Before I release this update I will look into the option of playback .iso files directly without mounting them first. As it is now some .iso files work, some dont. So I am going to do a few tests.


News 22.03.2014 Work Update

Today I have spread the Microburner around on the web. It is the old 6.0 version, and nothing is new to it. Since this was a tool I did sell, I have added a license file to the download. If the Microburner say it does not find a license file on startup, just restart it once, and it will be registered. You can read about it here


News 21.03.2014 EDM2014 AV Merger and Joiner

The AV merger is ready for download. Read about it here, or download here.





EDM2014 Video Library

News 09.03.2014 EDM2014 Video Library Released

Ok, here it is. The brand new library part of EDM2014. With this tool you can organize all your movies in a nice and easy way. It is vital that you understand the concept of the tool before start using it, so please read this page before starting to add movies.



News 22.02.2014 EDM2014 Video Converter Released

Part 2 of EDM2014 is ready for release. This time it is the Video Converter part. Just as the video player part this is also a standalone application with its own installer. You can read more about it here, or download it from this page.


News 18.02.2014 Work Update

I am working on the next part of EDM2014. This time it is the video converter. So far everything looks good. The gui part is the biggest change from the converter used in EDM2013, but it is also going to be more easy to use and with full drag/drop support. I dont know exactly when it is ready for release, but i hope within a week or two. I will post some images of the work so far within a couple of days.


News 15.02.2014 EDM2014 Video Released

As previous mentioned the new EDM2014 will be released bit by bit starting with the video player part called EDM2014 Video.

The main changes in the video player is that it is extremely fast, smaller gui to be more fitted to normal computer screens, and that everything works and feel much smoother than last release. New functions like speeding up or slowing down playback is added and pretty much all code has been rewritten to get a better userinterface. There is also added install and uninstall option.

This release is really a standalone video player that does nothing else than playback video files. No converting options or anything else. As previously mentioned each bit of EDM2013 will be standalone from now on, yet there will be a main menu to control every part of the new tools. This main part will not be released quite yet as there is a lot of work to be done before the final product is ready. Until then, if you want a really fast and reliable videoplayer do download and try the new EDM2014 Video.

Main features:

  1. Extremely fast loading.
  2. Play all well known video formats out of the box. No codecs needed.
  3. Subtitle support. Subtitle search.
  4. Low CPU and memory usage.
  5. Create single snapshots or snaps from the whole movie.
  6. Get indepht video info and decoder.
  7. Lots of adjustments options.
  8. Its completely freeware without any addware.




Easy-Data Mediacenter is more than just a audio/video player. It is a multimedia application with lots of useful tools regarding audio/video. No other media player is even close when it comes to usefulness. Still, it is completely portable and does not need installation, No registry settings added, and no external codecs needed. Easy-Data Mediacenter is developed for use with television screens, hence the rather large program window and big buttons. But it can also be used on normal screens. The Audio part of the program is able to deliver outstanding sound due to the use of wasapi. On a normal computer you wont be able to make much difference, but when you connect a decent receiver to it then the sound quality will blow you away. There is not much settings regarding sound. EDM2013 delivers bit perfect (untouched) sound to your receiver and let it handle the processing of the sound as a receiver is able to handle this way better than any simple sound card on a computer.

EDM2013 is under constant developing and is still far from finished. I have stated that within 3 years from now it will be the absolute best media player on the marked. It is already the best regarding number of tools, and also one of the very few able to deliver bit perfect sound. But everything can always be better, and that's what i am aming for in the future. I don't want this program to be good, I want it to be the best!

Easy-Data Mediacenter main menu



    1. No installation needed.
    2. No external codex needed.
    3. Bit Perfect Audio (Audio player only)
    4. It is completely free.
    5. Video Player, Video Library and Play lists.
    6. Audio Player and Audio Library.
    7. Net radio.
    8. Video Converter, Video Joiner, Audio/Video Merger.
    9. Pictures and Audio to Video.
    10. Image Slide show with lots of options.
    11. CD Ripper with free db lookup.
    12. Several different recording options.
    13. Uses Wasapi Excusive Mode and floating channels.
    14. Supports almost all known audio and video formats.
    15. You really need more?
    16. Screen capture to Video.
    17. Subtitle search, Artist info ++.
    18. File Splitter/Joiner.
    19. Vob Merger.
    20. Web cam capture.
    21. Improved continuously.(rapid bug fixing)



Below is a sample of some skin effects.

Click on images for a larger view.

Easy-Data Mediacenter

Example of skin effects in audio player.

Easy-Data Mediacenter

Another skin example in audio player

Video player with decoder window opened.



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